Christmas is around the corner and you are one of those that buys everything on the very last minute? Don’t worry! Today we make some suggestions on how to buy “clean” gifts for Christmas. In SBESMag we are worried about the environment and climate change. So, why not recommending some brands that try to re-cycle, re-use and bring climate awareness into the industry? In this section we suggest some ideas to provide the snowboarder of the house with modern and eco-friendly gifts. What about some new mitts? New sunnies, perhaps? Technical Outerwear? This is our Top 5 brands! Let’s start!

Environmentally Clean Gloves (ECG)

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Spanish brand of mitts made out of recycled materials from old products, giving it a special and unique touch. They are handcrafted and customised by Chio Ruiz and Iker Santamaría (two well-known Spanish snowboarders). Despite its fairly young age, it is already very popular in Spain and is also becoming visible among European and even American riders. It is recycled, hand made and “made in Europe” (in Spain), what else could we ask for?

They have nowadays included an additional feature to give your new mitts an even more personal touch. They offer digital impressions straight away on pieces of fabric that they can sew to your mittens. You can now choose your own picture, design or pattern and get it printed so you can wear it on your hands this season. Now you’ll be able to take your pet, your design or drawing always with you! It’s your choice!


eyewear made from recycled snowboard and skies

Italian brand of sun glasses made out of recycled snowboards. Filipo is a guy from Rome that was tired of seeing his old snowboards stashed at home, only getting dustier and dustier. That’s the reason why he decided to take initiative and start up a new brand of sunglasses (and prescription glasses) made out of those boards. The result is a recycled high-quality product also made in Europe (in the Austrian Tirol). We recently published an article to extensively show this brand, Uptitude. If you are interested and want to know more about it, click HERE.

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Pyua is one of the only existing brands in the market that is 100% recycled. Yes, that’s right: 100% recycled. The brand is presented as the right answer to fight climate change. A clean high-quality eco-friendly technical brand of clothing that offers a wide variety of items; from jackets and pants to thermal layers. Also, and mainly conceived for freeriders, you will find special pants with padding that will give you extra comfort, coziness and warmth.

We have contacted them and they have given us a 25% discount code for every purchase before Christmas!! If you are interested, do not hesitate it, contact us through marina@sbesmag.com so we can give you the instructions. What are you waiting for? Click HERE and take a look at their website!!


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Patagonia is a well-known brand due to their project and commitment to sustainable practice in the industry. Quality, durability and style in combination with their own range of sustainable products. The brand also collaborates with eco-projects. And you are still on time to order anything on their website. They’ll make sure it arrives before the 25th of December. Go get it!


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One of the brands that also supports recycling. Picture, a well-known brand, uses 95% of recycled cotton in their products that is made in Turkey. The remaining 5% is made in India with also recycled cotton from old products such as shirts or pants. All their technical products are made from a 50% recycled polyester from plastic bottles, that otherwise would end up in the ocean. This year for Christmas make eco-gifts for the snowboarder of the house!

Because we love winters, we love family dinners around the fireplace and seeing how it snows through our windows, right? So, let’s make our own personal small contribution to fight climate change by making a sensible Christmas shopping!

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