WKND 2.0 took place a couple of weekends ago. An event lead by Jacco Bos and Niek Theeboom with the ultimate goal of lighting the flame of the dutch dome scene again. It attracted not only the local kids but also famous street riders, like Kas Lemmens or Cees Wille; snowboarders from Germany or even from Spain, like the ‘rockstar’ Roberto Alcocer (a dome kid from Madrid).

Loads of prizes and a really fun set-up were the scenary for everybody to keep on throwing down from Saturday morning until Sunday evening. With goodies for the little ones, cash for tricks for every hammer, a one-year sponsorship by Santa Cruz for the best rider of the weekend, the best line and best eurocarve awards… This event happened to be one for the books!

Here is the recap of the first day.


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