INTERCONNECT is an urban snowboarding movie starring many amateurs and professionals riders from canada, united states, europe, japan and russia. All the riders are super stoked to be involved in this unique project, i invited them to join interconnect at the beginning of the season and now we’re a bunch of passionate people sharing the project.


Hugo Dubé-Bouchard
Mike Rotsaert
Oskar Fritzsche
Patrice Poulin
Francis-Olivier Jutras
Tye Wilson
Eric Freckman
Atsushi Hasegawa
Christian Kirsch
Rasmus Ronka
Stepan Rokos


Vans snow
Rome snowboards
K2 snowboards
Arbor snowboards
Flux bindings
Defi hors piste
Canary cartel

Filmers :

Matthew Theobald
Patrick Quesnel
Arttu heikkinen
Raph Sévigny
Raphael Fortin
Cédric Richard
Marc-Antoine Lacourse
Konstantin- Operator
Makoto Tomiyama
Yasuhito Wakebe
Patrick Quesnel
Joe Jedrej
Trevor Karle
John Kelly
Thomas kristofic
Maveric Northcott
Angus Thomson

Produced & Directed by Hugo Dubé-Bouchard