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6290 Show Up - PenkenPark in Mayrhofen hosts Europe’s first inclusive snowboard event from March 27 – 29, 2024

PenkenPark in Mayrhofen (AUT) hosts Europe’s first inclusive snowboard event, 
the 6290 Show Up, from March 27 – 29, 2024


(Mayrhofen/AUT, 13.03.2024) The 6290 Show Up presented by TDI (@technicallydoingit), taking place at PenkenPark in Mayrhofen from March 27-29, 2024, is the very first inclusive snowboard event in Europe. This unique event gathers renowned names from the snowboarding world, with top riders from the US, including Zeb Powell and Rob Roethler. Esteemed personalities like X Games Chief of Sport Culture / Host and Public figure Selema Masekela will also grace the event, alongside a stellar lineup of European riders.

The initiator of this very special event is US-American Luis Medearis, who is living his dream travelling the world to capture some of the best snowboarders in the world on film. He is part of TDI, an all-black snowboarding crew comprised of Zeb Powell, Rob Roethler, Keir Dillon, and many more talented riders. The crew is creating a space for people of color in snowboarding. Luis says this about his motivation: “I am seeing the effects that the TDI crew has been receiving when going to different mountains and events and seeing the positive energy that revolves around providing a diverse atmosphere.  Bringing the snowboard community together and mixing the culture together strengthens our sport and invites more people to learn how to snowboard. Snowboarding loves more snowboarders.” The European premiere of the 6290 Show Up is a huge milestone for the community: “Hosting the first inclusivity event in Europe is an amazing opportunity to pave the way to making the mountains more colorful as Zeb would say. Diversity in snowboarding is on the rise at a high level and this is the perfect opportunity to build on that. The conversation of diversity in Europe has been a quiet one and we are excited to give it a big TDI welcome this March and further the conversation.”

The 6290 Show Up is supported by Burton, Oakley and DB Journey. The Chill Foundation, dedicated to empowering underserved youth through board sports, kicks off the event with bringing their kids to the mountain. The pro riders join the kids to create an inclusive and inspirational experience for all involved. 

The organizers welcome everyone to the 6290 Show Up in Mayrhofen. The only thing needed is a lift ticket to join the fun! 



March 27th – day 1: Ride with the @chillfoundation, PenkenPark Mayrhofen

March 28th – day 2: Ride and Après, PenkenPark Mayrhofen

March 29th – day 3: Ride and Après, M PenkenPark Mayrhofen / After Party, Innsbruck


More details: @technicallydoingit 



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