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At the end of the 2017/18 winter we decided to start planning an ambitious project that would represent that 2 Scottish dryslope kids could produce content worthy of commendation. Our initial plan was to try and finish the entire project in one year. It was quickly realised half way through the winter,  we would need extra time to complete the project to a standard we would be happy with. Through various complications, including Seth going to the tropical paradise of Hawaii for a month, Andrew getting deported to Australia and Fin having elephants ankles we adjusted our plan to film a condensed park only spring edit.  Thats when the name ’TBC’ (standing for To Be Continued)  was first floated about and it stuck from there. Given that myself and Andy spent half the time we should’ve been shooting learning to use the camera properly, we feel Seth has smashed the edit out the park and done an outstanding job of dealing with our incredibly uncinematic filming.  Considering the serious complications encountered during the winter, we’re super stoked with the outcome. So, we present to you our spring park edit ‘TBC’. Enjoy. The edit was filmed in: Absolut Park, Kaltenbach, Mayrhofen, Mottolino snowpark and Val D’lesere.



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