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Adidas Snowboarding celebrates the introduction of Jed Anderson to their team with the release of Buzzcut. The five-minute video part features the brand’s newest addition riding a variety of spots, both iconic and obscure, marking Jed’s reintroduction into professional snowboarding after taking a hiatus to focus on skateboarding, music, and art.

Since his entrance into snowboarding’s spotlight at a young age, Anderson has garnered the attention and admiration of many through his fluid style, progressive approach, and precise trick execution. After years of standout video parts, his impact and influence on snowboarding is easy to recognize.

I’ve been watching Jed snowboard since we were both little kids. He was always on another level than the kids he competed against, he would go bigger in the pipe, had more jump tricks, and the confidence he had was something everyone noticed and talked about,” says adidas Snowboarding Team Manager, Alex Sherman. “His debut section in Transworld’s ‘These Days’ was what really put him on the map and opened the doors for him to focus on filming countless video parts—a lot of them were openers or enders. During his hiatus from snowboarding, he was truly missed, and people would talk about how they hope he’d make a comeback and give us another memorable part that you’d watch over and over again. So here it is, he’s back and we couldn’t be more excited to have him part of team.

Buzzcut is the latest in Anderson’s legacy of creative and innovative riding, as well as the start of an exciting future with adidas Snowboarding.



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