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«The name ‘All Res’ comes from the fact that everything for the edit was filmed off a load of different peoples Iphones, cameras, go pros and some potatoes, given the large variations of filming Seth Hughes has done an insane job of the edit.

Photo: Josh Cook

At the start of the season I was super keen to film a season round up edit, which proved to be a lot more difficult than anticipated without set filming weeks during the season and without a filmer coming out during the season at all. Pretty much all the shots have been taken through being in the right place at the right time, one of the boys were already filming someone else, or just a one shot film session.

Photo: Nick Clapertonrees

The majority of the edit is filmed in the freestyle haven of Laax snowpark who provided the goods for another season this year, with supporting shots from the scenic pre season trip to Stubai Glacier and a two week spring trip to Mottilino snowpark cut short by blowing out my ankle.” – Fin Bremner



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