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We are excited to announce the launch of Alpine Art, an ambitious project to promote artists related to the Alps and their artworks and to shape the term Alpine Art. This project is way more than an online shop for illustrations, collaboration works and photo prints with a certain aspiration. With a diverse and selected assortment we invite you to become a part of this experiment. Alpine Art can be found at

Some of our artists are deeply rooted in the early open-minded snowboard community. This creative environment united talented individuals and their common love for mountains and nature shaped them. They all represent different styles and approaches and meet the challenges to survive as young artist. Now they all appear jointly on this new platform.

Curious Neighbours by Michael Hacker

Artists We are proud to present an exciting group of 10 artists and photographers on Alpine Art. Among them is Tobias ‘Ludschi’ Ludescher, who is contributing both artwork and photography. Without him the project wouldn’t exist. He is the initiator and organizer of the Isolation Camps and knows that deceleration is fuelling creativity. He gathers his creative friends since 2010 on various remote mountain huts to get to know each other, to draw and make music together – totally analogue. Therefore Alpine Art is a genuine project of his heart and serves as platform for the work of this artist network.

Ludschi adds: “Common challenges have always driven me more then focusing on the own ego. Working together on creating the Pirate Art Books (2005 – 2013) and its exhibitions to the Isolation Camps, the well being of the group has always been the focus. The logical next step with Alpine Art is another experiment, which I’m looking forward to. Finally the time is here to show our work and to tell our stories.”

Isolation Camp

Carlos Blanchard from Spain, now based in Innsbruck, is one of the photographers represented on the site. His visual skills are unique and reflected in his images. Alongside him is Jerôme Tanon from Annecy (FRA), photographer and filmmaker, who is very well known for his extraordinary analogue photo developments. The South Tyrolean Lukas Goller is part of the illustrious artist line-up on Alpine Art. End of last year he had to honour to be part of the adidas showcase exhibition during Miami Art Week. Michael Hacker, originally from Vorarlberg, today based in Vienna, is a comic- and gig poster artist for impressive names like Queens of the Stone Age or Green Day and has realized his latest project ‚Pizzeria Disgusto’ with crowd funding. More information about the creative minds above and all artists represented on Alpine Art can be found here:

Anden by @carlosblanchardphoto

Alpine Art will grow continuously – new artwork and new artists will be added regularly. Alpine Art is not only an online platform; it is also an organisation, which will realize exhibitions and more in the future. To stay up-to-date about Alpine Art, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter.



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