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Interview by Marina Alonso photos by Ponchikz

I met Cees last year in the «mountains» of the Netherlands. He is one of the best riders in the European scene and yet a humble and down to Earth guy, so if you still do not know him, keep reading this interview!

Let’s start from the beginning. You are from Netherlands, a country without mountains, how did you start snowboarding? Did you do it indoors first?

Yes, definitely the fridges are my home mountains!! When I was younger I used to had an balance problem… And there was this add in the newspaper from this local fridge. My mom thought it would be a good practice in a fun way to practice my balance. First time I got there I ate so much shit but I got hooked

We’ve seen through your Instagram account that you’ve spent pretty much the whole season in Talma Glacier and riding the streets of Finland again. How was it?

Yes it’s super nice! I have an hard time with riding big mountains, but Talma Glacier is pretty much like a BIG fridge outdoors. It’s kind of like a skatepark where there are obstacles that you can hit in different ways!

Cees enjoying in Talma

Also, we guess you will put another solid street part this season. Have you been filming anywhere else apart form Finland? Will we watch any new trick in a legendary spot? Give us a hint!

(Laughter) For the last 2 years I kind of went ‘all in‘! But I was totally broke after the winter. This year I started with an eye operation because I used to have contact lens for around 9 years. So I had a late season and some money problems. Reason why I couldn’t go on many trips unfortunately. But I still went to Norway, all around Finland with Postland, and Estonia with Snowboardermag.

Riding streets is a different world. What do you like about it?

I just love the fact of driving around the city and finding spots, and thinking «it’s do able? yes/no«. Then, making it work and seeing the shot is like making dreams come true.

The ollie roof gap at Kuopio streets ¡awesome!

What are your plans for the near future? Will you go back to the motherland in Netherlands, riding the domes, or where will we be able to see you?

I have no idea! (Laughter) I don’t think so. I am staying in Finland for the summer and hopefully do a surf trip to learn a bit more about that!

As a Dutch jibber, what did you think when they told you that Rock’a’Rail was not happening this season?

I was super bummed, of course! It was an amazing contest. Furthermore, it was in my home town! That’s why I did the eye surgery at the same time. I’m really happy now that I did that. J But hopefully it will come back! That one is just the best event that exists! No doubt.

Of course, we cannot finish this interview without asking about your cover in MethodMag with the gap over the roof from last season filming with Tim for Postland Theory. We read the article so first of all “wow”, Cees. And congratulations. How did you feel about been the cover with such an incredible (and scary) picture?

Thank you so much. For me it was an honor! I have been dreaming about doing something like this for 4/5 years. I’m so happy with the shot, it’s unreal! A cover was always something I secretly hoped for (laughter) but thinking it‘s never going to happen!! And then it happened with a +10 page interview (Laughter). Methodmag just did it! And I’m so thankful.

Cees at Method Mag cover

Thanks a lot for this interview, Cees. Now, would you like to say anything or thank anyone? It’s your turn.

I would like to thank ZheNya ( @ponchikz) without him the roof gap would have never worked!! Thanks to Vans for the decade of support!! My physio for getting me back on track, thanks Bas M. at Havenfysio. Thank you for hooking me up with some proper bindings!! Stijn at trektouw winches! And fuck Flowsnowboards for not paying me last season! Got in some problems because of that.



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