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The LAAX OPEN 2019 culminated today with the long-awaited highlight, the first ever Superpipe Night Finals up on Crap Sogn Gion. When the sun went down, Freestyle paradise LAAX was ready for a spectacular event. Beautiful scenery, great vibes, a large enthusiastic crowd and outstanding riding performances from all of the riders in attendance, made this evening a very special one. Chloe Kim/USA and Scotty James/AUS are the proud Halfpipe winners of the LAAX OPEN 2019.

Arielle Gold. Photo: Laemmerhirt

In the women’s field, Olympic Gold medalist and top favorite Chloe Kim fulfilled all expectations after winning this morning’s semi-finals and also dominating tonight’s finals. She clearly took over the lead after the first run which earned her 93,75 points which no other finalist was able to beat! Her winning run consisted of a huge Method, Back-to-back 1080s, followed by a Frontside 900 and ending with a Backside 360 Stalefish. Chloe said: “Thanks for having us Laax. I was nervous about the night finals, but it turned out really well, the ladies were killing it!” Queralt Castellet from Spain, who regularly returns to LAAX, came in on 2nd place and Arielle Gold/USA, 2016 LAAX OPEN Champion, completed the podium ending up 3rd.

Queralt Castellet, Chloe Kim & Arielle Gold at podium

Also in the men’s field, the top favorite succeeded tonight, with Scotty James claiming the prestigious Halfpipe title. Like Chloe Kim, he took over the lead after his first run, earning a score of 95,85 which none of the other finalists were able to beat in their 2nd run.  With a victory lap ahead, Scotty grabbed the mic before dropping in to thank LAAX and the huge crowd who made it up the mountain tonight, and instead of trying to improve his score, opted to give back to the crowd with high-fives down the pipe. “The LAAX OPEN was an event I wanted to win for a while. I always enjoy coming back here and I’m glad to be a part of it.” Scotty started his winning run with a Switch Backside 1080 Indy, a Backside 1260 Mute, Frontside 1080 Tail, Cab Double 1080 Mute ending with a Frontside Double 1260 Stale. Joining Scotty on the podium today were Japanese Yuto Totsuka in 2nd and Jake Pates in 3rd. Jake was stoked: “One of the most insane events I have ever been part of. My first run was probably the best one I’ve ever put down. Riding at night time is a lot different and was super fun and people are really hyped”.

¡Podium boys!

Tonight LAAX truly managed to let spectators feel the real Freestyle spirit, which the resort has been living and breathing for so decades. Spectators witnessed an awesome night final showcasing top-riding followed by entertainment up on the mountain. Crap Sogn Gion was definitely the place to be to experience Europe’s pinnacle Snowboarding event.



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