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Chixxs on Board have delighted us this season with a new webseries. We decided to put the 4 episodes of colourful together so you can binge watch them and start seeing female snowboarding with all its colours. Thanks to Tanja Ängst for her words and ideas, we hope you enjoy this series filmed and edited by Nina Danuser as much as we did.

Episode 1 The female vision of snowboarding, with their personal color starts with Stephanie Kauert, Mona Danuser and Aurelia Amrein! In our first Episode of COLORFUL the colors could hardly be more different. From the bright yellow, to the cheerful pink into a fresh blue, our first three riders show their greatest passion, snowboarding. Three different characters, who spread their own personal stories and let their creativity on the snow run wild!

Episode 2 What’s your favorite color? Something we asked as well Celia Petrig and Johanna Holmstedt, two deeply passionate riders, who share their own vision of Snowboarding in our second Episode of COLORFUL! In their bright colors of purple and a happy rose, we’ve got two different personalities, who both go for their passion – snowboarding! Sharing those good vibes and emotions that we get while we do what we love. With a past Swiss national team rider and a Swedish pipe jibber in the snowpark Arosa Lenzerheide, let the creativity flow!

Episode 3 In our third Episode of COLORFUL, we combined the professional with the passionate, the Olympic Halfpipe rider Verena Rohrer and the Rail beast Katja Signer! Two colors who couldn’t be more different with their roots and dreams but generally living the same kind of love to snowboarding. To “do what we love” is what we go for, to present all those colors who then create our community is what we want to show!

Episode 4

Still impressed that no matter whether professional or purely passionate exercise, together the focus is always on fun and the creativity! In our fourth Epsiode of COLORFUL, we mixed two top athletes with two pure passionate riders, but what us has touched while filming is the pure passion, which has struck in all hearts in an incredible rhythm. Women who do not know each other, get together and simply having a good time!



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