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Innsbruck (AUT) + London (UK) – 14.01.2019 – Snowboarder Elias Elhardt proudly presents his movie project CONTRADDICTION, realized together with directors A Common Future and producers Curate Films. Elias’ past season has been dedicated to shoot for this movie, which is celebrating its world premiere in a few days and will be shown in several cities this January. The film showcases Elias’ passion and addresses its meaningfulness with all contradictions, which come along.

THE MOVIE – Contradiction and addiction – both blend into one when it comes to the passion snowboarding. Elias pursues the questions which are most important to him. How can you bring Snowboarding in line with a responsible life? How can you deal with the contradictions which come along? How about the ecological footprint? How about the conflict of growing up with a sport, which keeps the kid in us alive and kicking?  Together with some of his best friends and companions Elias follows these questions and tries to find answers; among them Austrian Gigi Rüf, Frenchman Arhtur Longo and German Marco Smolla, who quit his active snowboarding career a while ago. Kevin Boyce from Mt. Baker (USA) gives fascinating insights into his life. Age doesn’t matter to live your dream, which Kevin impressively demonstrates. Being over 60 years old doesn’t hinder him to snowboard up to 100 days a year. The movie is a true and authentic portrait of a generation growing up with snowboarding combined with impressive snowboarding skills of the protagonists. Elias says: “The most beautiful love letter I could write, is also the most honest one. This basic idea has followed me through the process of making the CONTRADDICTION movie.“

ELIAS ELHARDT  – Elias Elhardt (30 years old) is Germany’s snowboarding poster child and is travelling the world as snowboard pro since a decade, always searching for the best snow conditions. Today Innsbruck in the heart of the Alps is his adopted home city. CONTRADDICTION is a genuine project of his heart. Elias explains: „For the past ten years I got to live for my passion and travel the world. But throughout the years, my doubts and questions towards this hedonistic fun sport lifestyle that I was promoting and living got louder and louder. That’s why I wanted to realize this film to paint a more complete picture of our sport including its contradictions and show snowboarding in all its purity and beauty.“

UPCOMING PREMIERES  – CONTRADDICTION is celebrating its world premiere in Innsbruck (Leokino) in a few days and goes on tour afterwards. Elias will be joined by Gigi, Arthur and Marco. Kevin accompanies the whole tour playing live on the piano. Find more details for each screening on Facebook:

17.01.2019 , Innsbruck (AUT), Leokino –

20.01.2019, Alpbachtal (AUT), Shop 1st Try

21.01.2019 , Munich (GER), Bahnwärter Thiel –

24.01.2019 , Laax (SUI), Riders Hotel –

08.02.2019 , Mt. Baker (USA), Chair 9


Don’t miss CONTRADDICTION on Elias Elhardt’s You-Tube channel. The movie will be released mid-February and will be accessible for free for fans from all over the world. Mark the date in your calendar now.


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