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Daily Chaos presets its first Full Movie: «From Scraps». We’ve reached out to Jacco Bos to answer a few questions about this new movie. Jacco is not new to SBESMag, we had a chat with him about his first full part in the past. But this time, he’s preseting his first ever production with 0 budget, in which he took part as rider, main filmer and editor.

Hi Jacco, your first movie… how’s it going?

Great! Since the winter started and the movie premiered, I’ve been super busy preparing and filming some events in Netherlands/Belgium. It’s been a blast!

How was your last season?

It was one hell of a balancing game, without budget of sponsors and getting scammed out of my savings for winter in November, it was tough to get out in the snow enough to say the least. Luckily my girlfriend and I figured out the way to move to Austria for the winter. We threw around some boxes in DPD´s morning shifts before hitting the streets all day. All in all, I had a great winter, and we had sooooo much snow in Austria!

How come you went back to the streets instead of staying in “perfect Laax”?

It was mainly because I wanted to give myself another go at street riding after I struggled quite some with it a few years ago. The mental game of fear is hard to overcome. And secondly, I had no money for any skipass!!

Thank you for the leaks before the movie. Good spamming on our Instafeed. Describe your movie in 3 words now:

Friends, shoveling, more shoveling. Ok, that’s 4!

From Scraps”? Why that name?

We had no idea we were filming for a project or a movie. We just all wanted to film some street and would see later what to do with it. Some riders had some unused shots from years before and we used that too. In that sense this movie was made from the “scraps” we had laying around during last summer.

Rumor has it that one of your nicknames used to be “Mr. Caballerial” in Netherlands. Are you faithfull to this name in your part?

I guess, i just like spinning cab into rails a lot (laughs).

How was the spot search in Austria?

A lot of driving, like… A LOT! Scandanavia definetly has more spots in smaller areas. Plus Austria doesn’t offer many good rail spots, great wall-rides and re-directs though. Luckily, we had Fabian Fraidl to help us out. The guy has the biggest Austrian spot map in his head.

I see, I see. But Fabian Fraidl had his own project with “Spot Hunt”, hadn’t he? How did you end up together?

We already knew each other from the railjam scene, and I didn’t know of any austrian rider who is as dedicated to street riding as he is. I have a massive respect for this guy; going out with his filmer in a 2-man crew shooting some gnarly spots.

Tell us something we are not supposed to know.

There is one frame in the movie where somebody is taking a shit in a trashcan #hangover . Let’s see if you guys find it (laughs).

You’re back in the Motherland Aka “The Jibbing Factory” aka The Netherlands. Are we gonna see more indoor riding?

Meh… I’m kind of busy with other stuff, and dome parks are in full-effect in summer, winters are smaller and more mellow.

Alright. And Do you have any plan for this season?

Nothing fixed yet. I’m just on the hustle to get another street part in, hopefully filmed somewhere in Scandinavia this time.

Good luck with your new plans then. And thank you for this interview!

No, Thank YOU!


Riders: Fabian Fraidl, Jacco Bos, Christian (Kirschy) Kirsch, Lorenz Vyslozil, Roli Tschöder, Jonas Huser, Oskar Fritzsche and friends.

Filmed by : Jacco Bos, Nico Schneider, Marina Alonso, Mirko Paolini, Rado Kapralcik

Edit by: Jacco Bos



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