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Snowboy Productions Holy Bowly – ”An international gathering of creativity and flow.” 

On the 15th of April, it was time for the 7th edition of Snowboy Productions infamous and celebrated event The Holy Bowly to go off once again. This time at Mammoth Mountain in California for the second time in the history of the event.5 long days filled with shredding and good times with around 120 invited top riders from all over the globe.

If any of you who read this still don’t know what the Holy Bowly is, it’s definitely about time you find out!The Holy Bowly is not a contest. It’s as far from that as a snowboard event can be. It’s a week long dream session filled with some of the best snowboarders in the world (young guns, old timers and living legends) riding some of the most epic and creative transitional snow park features ever created by man while the world’s top snowboard media/photographers/filmers are there to cover all the rad shit that goes down each day. 

It’s the one snowboard event that brings all different kinds of pro snowboarders together for a week. Famous contest riders, the guys and girls from the snowboard movies, the instagram snowboard stars of today and tomorrow, the legends, the OGs, the underground heroes and so on. Basically everyone that is lucky and good enough to get thrown into the HolyBowly mix.

The Holy Bowly is simply the best and fucking coolest event in snowboarding and it represents the true essence of real snowboarding without all the bullshit!

For the third year in a row Death Label snowboards was fortunate to have a couple of riders at the Holy Bowly and this time it was Andrew Brewer(US), PJ Gustafsson(SWE) & Yuka Kazukawa(JPN) who would represent the “Death Army” at the Holy Bowly in Mammoth Mountain.

Here’s some photos of them from the week:

PJ Gustafsson, Bs 180 off of the shark fin in to the sniper landing. Photo: Yuya Take

PJ Gustafsson, Bs 180 off of the shark fin in to the sniper landing. Photo: Yuya Take

PJ Gustafsson, ollie off the shark fin in to the sniper landing. Photo: Yuya Take

PJ Gustafsson slashes the taco. Photo: Yuya Take

 PJ Gustafsson frontside airs between the bowls. Photo: Yuya Take

Yuka Kasukawa airs off the shark fin. Photo: Yuya Take

PJ Gustafsson frontside airs over one of the many hips. Photo: Yuya Take

The Holiest of Bowls from below. Photo: Andrew Brewer

Andrew Brewer stabbing one over one of the many volcanoes. Photo: PJ Gustafsson

Andrew Brewer with his trademark Stalefish over one of the many hips. Photo: PJ Gustafsson

Yuka Kasukawa puts on the seatbelt when flying between the volcanoes. Photo: Yuya Take

Andrew Brewer tailbones during day two. Photo: Jordan Michilot

Andrew Brewer, Ollie Photo: PJ Gustafsson



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