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Here is the thing. Ethan Morgan is organizing his DIYX event once more. Preseason seems to be full on and he’s driving towards Ice Mountain in Belgium. For those of you who still do not know about this legit event, it’s all about «doing it yourself», so shaping your own features and riding like there is no tomorrow.

So, in his own words «Stop everything you are doing and change any plans you have for the dates of September 21rst till the 23rd! This is some mayhem you won’t want to miss! We will be coming to the dome ‘Ice Mountain’ near Ghent and Brussels to shape the most insane indoor park you have ever seen.» 

On Friday, the 21rst, we will be 20 invited riders will reshape the whole park how they want it, and everybody can join!! Entry is FREE from 17:00. You can grab a shovel, give  your ideas to build any crazy dreamt feature for once. The whole dome will be reserved for the event. «So fantasise of anything you have always wanted to build and ride, and make it with us. It’s a dream come true for all of us.»

«If you join us for shaping on Friday, then you get a 5 euro discount off of the 25 euro day pass for the shred day on Saturday! And those who shape the hardest can win some free gear from our sponsors Bataleon, Switchback, Sessions, Ethen, Crab Grab and Northwave!»

The schedule for Saturday is 17:00 – 1:00 (bar on the slope with drink included). At 22:00 lights will go off, the disco lights will go on and some heavy techno music supported by Soundboks will kick in! It will be all about shredding with full on chaos and «mayhem».

On Sunday the lifts will be open following their normal schedule. «But depending on how much we destroy the park on Saturday, you might have to grab a shovel and shape some stuff yourself, and get rid of that hangover, but thats what DIYX is all about.

Thank you to all of our Sponsors for making this happen, Monster Energy, Sessions Outerwear, Switchback Bindings, Bataleon Snowboards, Crab Grab Traction, Ethen Eyewear, Northwave Boots and Soundboks Speakers.» (Ethan)

So go join Ethan and his crew for the whole event and experience DIYX to the fullest with some of the raddest snowboarders out there!


If you missed out on the previous events, here is the recap of their Postwiesen Park’s edition last spring.  Check it out to get an idea of how crazy fun that can be!



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