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What a kick-off! On March 16th to 18th, 2018, the Choice Splitboard Camps started the touring season with a first adventure at Axamer Lizum. Once again, the small resort, situated just a stone´s throw from the Tyrolean capital Innsbruck, charged with great touring options all around the infamous Kalkkoegel mountains. Hardly surprising, that the local freeriding scene have claimed the Axamer Lizum as their freeriding destination No. 1.

What a joy, when old and new splitboarding friends came together at the parking of Axamer Lizum on Friday afternoon. A rapid distribution of gear for everyone: Amplid and Jones Splitboards, Karakoram and Spark R&D bindings, Ortovox safetey gear and ABS backpacks and the group had to hurry to catch the last chairlift up to Birgitzkoepflhaus. The cosy mountain hut high on 2.000 metres above sea level should be the base camp for the upcoming two days. Arrived at the top, all campers could pick their demo/test boots from Deeluxe or try out Alpina helmets and goggles. With that breathtaking view over the Kalkkoegel mountains on the one side and the entire Inn valley on the other, the welcome beer tasted even better.

After dinner all campers dissappeared to their rooms early, aware of saving energies for the upcoming adventures. On Saturday morning, the Kalkkoegel mountains twinkled majestically in the rising sun. And latest after the first quite challenging run down to the resort over the mogul slope, everyone was properly awake! Mountain guide Christian Eberherr aka Snoppy from Freeride Division was already awaiting his fosterlings at the valley station of Axamer Lizum. In a great mood, they all took the infamous Olympiabahn up to the Hoadl on 2.340 metres above sea From the mountain station, the splitboarders took it with climbing over the ridge to reach Hochtennboden.

After the first amazing ascent in fresh powder over the Walser K ar, everybody had that big grin in their face. Fresh snow, bluebird, sunshine and untracked powder fields, what else could a freerider´s heart wish for?

The first clouds were already moving in, so the group had to hurry up and change to hiking mode quickly. A 410 height metres hike had to be overcome, including some challenging kick turns all the way up to the top of the Malgrubenscharte (2.470 m).

Everybody made it and after a short summit break, the reward for the earned turns was a 5,9 km lasting run 1.121 height metres down. With great pleasure, all riders took it with the steep chute followed by playful terrain in fresh powder.

Just in time for the last chair back up to the Birgitzkoepflhaus, the exhausted splitboarders were looking forward to a hot shower and dinner at the hut. After Snoppy´s very interesting presentation about avalanche danger and snow types, everyone simply fell happily into bed.

Fog and snowfall reduced the sight on Sunday. So the group decided to search for tree runs and better visibility with a short visit to the Birgitzkoepfl summit, followed by an amazingly long and perceived never ending run through the woods (in numbers: 1150 hm and 48 km) over the Goetzener Alm and all the way down to the valley station of Nockspitzbahn.

Everyone seemed to be thankful for the subsequent bus ride back to the resort to give their legs a little rest after that epic run. And there was more to come! On to the Schoenbodenbahn chairlift and Pleisenlift all the way up to the entrance of the Pleisen descent. From the Axamer Koegele followed another fun run of 5,1 km and 795 height metres in the trees. With big smiles, we changed our splitboards back to hiking mode and enjoyed the 200-height-metre Sunday stroll back to the Axamer Lizum. The group finally completed the weekend with great memories and new friendships in the afternoon.

There are still so many things and runs to explore at Axamer Lizum and we are already looking forward to our next adventure in 2019! Check for more! Special thanks goes out to the mountain company of Axamer Lizum for the support and Christian Eberherr for always finding the best runs

Thanks to the Choice partners for the support of the test center: Amplid Splitboards, Jones Snowboards, Karakoram, Spark R&D, Alpina Sports, Deeluxe Snowboardboots, Ortovox, ABS, PallyHi



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