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Our next ‘Girl Shredder’ is Alieke Everts, a purple haired dutch girl living in Austria and traveling all over the place searching for the best spots to ride. Alieke Everts, a.k.a. the queen of switch fifties, is dropping her first ever full part. To celebrate, we are dropping a not-so-serious interview with her. Keep reading and don’t forget to watch her full part!

  1. Full name: Alieke Everts

  2. Age: 27

  3. Nationality: Dutch

  4. Stance: 6/-6

  5. Sponsors: ThirtyTwo, Public, Ashbury and Herqua

  6. Favorite trick: The ollie!

  7. Favorite spot: Coffee spots that serve filter coffee

  8. Favorite rider: Ben Bilodeau at the moment if I can only call one. Gesme, Magoon and Bradshaw if I can add some.

  9. Spotify playlist to ride to: Apple music baby! I think putting my music into one sentence is the hardest thing for me (laughs). I listen to a cool mix of everything!

Alieke Everts, giggling after landing her ender trick. 📸 : Miriam Lottes

Dutch wooden clogs or high heels?

Clogs for sure, I don’t think I can confirm ever wearing heels for more than two seconds.

Tomato sauce and pasta for the rest of your life or wearing skinny clothes for a day?

One lifetime supply of tomato sauce pasta, please! (I don’t even really like foods made out of tomatoes that taste tomatoey)

Going to the Olympics or riding with a hangover forever?

Lucky for me I don’t really get hangovers (and I have tried, trust me), so I’ll take a never ending exhaustion after a beerful night.

Free coffee or free shhhhhnaaaaaacks?

Yo this ain’t even fair! I recently got a filter coffee tattoo so I feel like I have to go with that, although the snacks might be a better deal for my wallet….

Top 5 things you like about street riding

  1. The whole adventure of traveling with other people

  2. Siv needing to pee as soon as we get to a spot, so I can admit I have to as well

  3. You can choose your own spots

  4. Challenging inruns

  5. Successfully riding away and then a video to confirm it looked as good as it felt

Top 5 things you dislike about street riding

  1. Speed problems

  2. Unsuccessful spot searches

  3. Challenging inruns

  4. Successfully riding away and then watching the video realising it looked shite

  5. And that’s five

Alieke Everts pulling a switch fifty off on a famous spot in Finland 📸 : Miriam Lottes

Let’s stop with the bullshit. Introduce yourself for those who still don’t know you, please!

Hey whatsup! I am Alieke, a 27y/o dutch snowboarder and horrible at introducing myself in any kind of situation…

Congrats on your first ever full part. Sick! We heard you were in Finland last season, how was the experience?

Thanks! Yess that’s right. It kind of started when I asked Siv, whom I had met for like an hour about 4 years prior to the trip, if she wanted to film and if I could stay at her place. Then Elena Graglia joined and then all of a sudden Siv’s living room was filled with mattresses and people. It was a real good time.

Are you missing any spot or trick you would have loved to film and couldn’t for any reason?

Hahah so many! I always have so many idea’s for tricks and spots and I think there will always be another something I would want to get filmed.

What’s your opinion on women’s snowboarding in general?

Definitely growing and that’s great! Like, clearly men and women have different bodies and there are more men in the sport and therefore there will be a difference. But I think if people don’t label it as much, women won’t feel judged, like they don’t belong in the sport or in the park as much anymore. On the flip side, I think women might create this judgement them selves even if it is not there.

What does “being girly” mean to you?

Well, I have been thinking a lot about the words ‘feminine’ and ‘girly’ lately, and I think it is kind of relative and doesn’t have an actual meaning. Like, you are born and you get put into a pink room. As soon as your hair is long enough you get a hair-tie in it to make sure people recognise you as a girl. It goes on like that and for most people it kind of pushes them into a stereotype of being a gender. I personally don’t see people like that at all.

I think of being ‘girly’ in snowboarding is just showing you are a female, I guess. Like show long hair (I don’t know how they do it though, I always go blind on tricks with my hair out), and wearing the so-called «girly colors» and clothing shapes.

What can we expect from you in the future? Are you working on a new full part? Where will be able to see you?

Hopefully I will film more ‘video parts’ in the future. I have a lot of ideas of which one I am trying to make happen this season, though at this rate it will finish by 2030.

Thank you for the interview, Alieke. We hope to see more of your riding in the near future!

Easy, thank you for this fun one!



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