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As you might already know, Maria Thomsen is the first ever female snowboarder competing at X Games Real Snow against the men. Let’s check out some facts about her and her setup!

Maria is chill. She handles whatever is in front of her and makes it look easy. She is the first woman to be invited to compete in X Games Real Snow and her part is live now! You can watch it HERE!

Maria got a late invite to compete, but that’s chill. Maria broke her hip on day 2 of filming. Chill. Maria had to drop her son off in Denmark for her family to watch him while she filmed in Quebec. Chill. Maria had 3 weeks after a quick recovery to put together a hammer part to compete against the dudes. Chill. Oh, and she got frostbite on her foot. Really chill.

Maria at Ms. Superpark 2019

Maria Thomsen is having an unreal year. From a distance she appears to be a committed full time shredder with snowboarding as her solid focus. She is, no doubt, committed, with apparent laser focus. But, she has a balance in life that is unique for someone in her position as one of the best female street riders in the industry. Maria is also a mom, with a 4 year old, and she works her ass off to care for him and show him that following your passion is a worthy pursuit. Maria is from Denmark, her family is there still, but she lives outside of Whistler. For anyone raising kids without family near by, you know how difficult it can be to find the help when last minute plans come up. Succeeding as a snowboarder, especially filming, requires flexibility on many levels, and the ability to make those plans without hesitation. Maria pulls it off and does so without screaming from the top of a mountain about her life off the snow. Not saying that kids are obstacles, they are absolutely life enhancers and worth every sacrifice. However, the life of today’s accomplished athletes and influencers usually involves sharing the challenges overcome, and the powerful story behind the success. Maria is humble, soft spoken, and lets her riding speak for itself. And her riding speaks volumes.

Maria’s B-Nice board and Bent Metal upshot bindings were her setup of choice for making all that street metal look nice and easy.

B-NICE – a versatil board that is as quick and snappy as it is nice and easy.

Show this amazing woman some love and give her a vote! Knowing what you know now, check out Maria’s part and help her win fan favourite, because even with all of the above, Maria killed it!

You can vote once a day until the contest ends on Sunday night, April 1st!



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