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Today we introduce you to the person behind the lens of Daily Chaos. Rider coming from the indoors of the Netherlands straight to the streets of Canada and Finland. His name is Jacco Bos and he can ride! But if you want to get to know him a bit more keep reading and don’t forget to check his full part!

We see you have been all over the place filming during the season 16/17. How is it filming in the streets of Finland and Canada?

It was my first time going for a real street mission, i’d done some spots in Netherlands that get around 2 cm of snow for 2 days in the whole winter (haha). First, I went to Canada and all i thought was “Fuck, these spots are SO BIG!!” As new comer to street riding I had a pretty hard time ignoring all the small things that make spots dangerous. You really need to take your time and get comfortable with the spot and your board before starting to go for the trick you want.

We are not unfamiliar with the difficulties of street riding, but what’s your personal top 5 things you like about it?

  1. it is scary as hell

  2. freedom to ride anything what you can find

  3. to see how every rider has his own approach or line to the same spot

  4. being outside and building everything yourself

  5. ‘’scoping’’ hahaha (Driving hours and hours around towns to find spots, to only end up to go to the first spot you saw a week ago)

And top 5 things you dislike?

  1. it is scary as hell

  2. rusty rails

  3. too much concrete

  4. too much ice

  5. getting kicked after setting up the whole spot for 4 hours

We have also recently seen your season edit. You changed the streets for the most perfectly shaped park in Europe (and probably the world), Laax. Why? Will we see a new full part next winter? Give us a hint about your future plans!

Yeah, well I have always loved Laax for their park and super accessible powder. I wasn’t too satisfied with my results on the streets and needed a change. I took a winter to work, get my head straight and figure out what i really wanted.

I am excited to say that next season I’ll be back to riding streets as my main priority and hope to have some trips I can look back to in better light than my first expriences. I am more stoked then ever to get out there and shred!

We know you are also a filmer but still with time to smash every rail that comes your way. How do you combine both?

I love filming, something about capturing your homies’ tricks, it’s just so fun to see how happy they are when they see the shots. The only problem is when the session is fire, it’s really hard to stay filming and not join the riding. But some days I prefer filming much more than riding. I just kinda do what i feel like everyday, keep it spontaneous.

You also have your own series of snowboarding episodes, Daily Chaos, where does that idea come from and what’s your goal?

So 3 Winters ago, I was also living in Laax, I had a knee injury for about 6 weeks. I didn’t want to sit home and hear/see all my friends riding and not even being there to watch. My flatmate had a camera and a few years before i made some edits in my dome. So i thought about why not going and filming my friends as soon as I could stand on my board again. I ended up filming so much that I started making an edit. The idea was that there are so many good riders from pro’s to unknowns riding in the parks in Europe and I wanted to give anybody, who wanted to film, a chance to be shown online. The snowparks are a chaos of sick tricks and slams on a daily basis, therefore: Daily Chaos was born.

And finally, thank you for this interview, Jacco. Would you like to thank anybody?

I wanna thank all the people I get to share some turns with, every single person motivates and inspires me! Also my sponsors, West-site board shop, Technine EMEA, Dragon-alliance, ECG gloves. And a Big thank you to my girl Marina, for always willing to grab the camera/iphone and shredding like an absolute boss!

Thanks for the interview !



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