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Short notice but still on time. JibKing is back! Next weekend Dec. 15th/16th what used to be a little contest in Absolut  Park has turned into a street battle with more cash to give away than ever before: So, if you still do not have plans for the weekend, here is what you have to do: go to Absolut and send it in a street setup! The second street battle of the season after Rock a Rail. A contest with two categories: amateur and pro.

As new features, there are two new categories to the amateur contest: Sponsored Riders and Masters for the older shredders (30 and older). Both categories are open to men and women with 10.000 euros!! waiting for the sponsored riders, while the others can with high-quality prizes. You can register for free  on the day of the contest in the Chill House.

Also, just like Rock a Rail, the prize money for girls will be equal (1.800 for each winner!!). The only condition to get the full prize money per category will be that at least 10 riders must show up.


Amateur and Pro categories are open for every rider. Riders can choose in which category they register, but may choose only one. However the top 4 Amateurs (men and women) get a wildcard for the qualification of the Pro event.


It starts at 9:00 am at the Chill House (on both days: Sat & Sun). And remember: it’s for free!! So don’t think it twice and go enjoy a sick event in one of the biggest and best snowparks in Europe.


Double-Up Judging System: Freeskiers and Snowboarders start alternately.

Good luck to all the contenders and enjoy the session!

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