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Las week Kasper de Zoete dropped his first full part and today we are sharing a special article about this. Not only filming street riding is tough and difficult but the story gets even further from ideal when your hard drive breaks down, losing all your shots. This is what happened to Kasper and the rest of the DomeTrash crew. They traveled to Finland and had the bad luck of not being able to put together all the footage that they had been working so hard for. Luckily for our eyes, Kasper could save his shots on time and today we can share this compilation of hammers, good vibes and high level of riding with all of you.

The crew planned to film a full movie. Spoiler alert: it never happened! What happened?

«We set out to Finland for 2 weeks and arrived very hungover from the party on the boat from Sweden to Finland. We arrived one day before New Year and had a great trip. I broke 4 boards on one spot and I had 100+ tries on some stupid transfer rail. In the end, we were super productive riding multiple spots a day. After that I went to Andorra to film with Jake and Joe Simpson aka The Simpson Brothers. Andorra was a super sick experience as well, and the spots there are way better than I expected. On my 4th day in Andorra my hard drive was acting weird and the next day it wasn’t working at all anymore. We tried to bring the it to a data recovery center but they could only recover a small bit of the footage. Luckily, I made a quick raw sequence out of my shots from Finland. I was just playing around with the shots and then I exported it to my desktop. So when the hard drive broke down I still had that exported sequence on my desktop. I just used that sequence and added my shots from Andorra. It’s kinda shitty but really lucky at the same time!»

Kasper de Zoete

The bad luck of Kasper did not end up there last season. During Ethan Morgan’s DIYX edition in Postwiese, Kasper broke his leg. «I totally crashed into some trees braking my leg and my left lung collapsed. Had a surgery, doctors fucked up, had to get another surgery and now I’m 8 months into my recovery. It’s been crazy to not ride for so long but I’m really hyped to say that I might be able to start snowboarding again in 2 weeks» (Kasper). We wish you all the luck in the world for the last part of your recovery, to hopefully see you soon hitting the streets and killing it harder and bigger!



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