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LAAX Opens Natural Snowpark «Free60»

Laax, Switzerland, 14 February 2022. The winter sports resort of LAAX is known for freestyle, four exciting snowparks for every level and the largest half pipe in the world. Since last weekend, a further, fifth snowpark is available to action-hungry snowboarders and skiers: The new «Free60» Natural Snowpark between Crap Sogn Gion and Plaun. The special feature: the elements are in the unprepared terrain, made of wood and covered with snow.

The fact that LAAX is a paradise for freestylers was recently proven by the winter sports resort at the international World Ski Awards, where it was named the world’s best freestyle resort for the sixth time in a row. And this title is not undeserved: year after year LAAX comes up with new offers to provide its guests with even more fun on the mountain. This is how this unique project came into being in late autumn 2021: a new, fifth snowpark called «Free60». The counterpart to the popular P60 snowpark, however, is located away from the groomed slopes and parks, in the open, ungroomed terrain.

Photo by Ruggli/LAAX

A deep-snow dream comes true The opening of the Natural Park «Free60» was long awaited. Thanks to the fresh snow that fell in February, there was nothing standing in its way anymore. On the route from Crap Sogn Gion to Plaun, there are now two different runs ready to be skied or snowboarded. They consist of successive elements such as ramps, rails, bridges, pillows and pale jams. There are around 18 of them. The elements, also called obstacles, were constructed of wood from the region by members of the piste and rescue team as well as the snowpark crew of LAAX.

Photo by Ruggli/LAAX

Full commitment for action-hungry guests The team was inspired by the Red Bull Natural Selection Tour of US professional snowboarder Travis Rice. For Mike Zeller from the piste and rescue team it was quickly clear that something like this was also needed in LAAX: «Freestyle and freeriding simply belong together and it was a great experience to work on such a unique project together with the snowpark team. We hope to see many happy faces in the park.»

The initiators are aware that the Free60 snowpark is aimed at advanced to very good riders. After all, it takes quite a bit of skill to manoeuvre the snowboard or skis through the deep snow, to do stylish tricks over the obstacles in between and to land them safely. Nevertheless, the team was keen to include elements for different riding levels so that people can slowly approach the bigger and more difficult obstacles.

The park is located on an avalanche-safe slope. Especially when there is plenty of fresh snow, the conditions are perfect for an action-packed adventure in natural terrain. Guests can find out about the official opening status of the Free60 snowpark on a daily basis on the live page at

Free60 – The most important facts & figures at a glance: • The snowpark consists of 2 different runs with a total of 18 elements • 25m3 of logs and 10m3 of wooden boards from the region were used • It took 80 working hours during two weeks in October 2021 to build the park • 7 people from the piste and rescue team as well as the snowpark crew were involved in the project



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