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Did we already say that this movie promised to be a banger? It’s even better than our expectations! A full movie with zero budget entirely produced by the Simpson brothers: Mass culture (you can download it HERE for free!!!). The two happiest ‘characters’ of the snowboarding world have dropped their first full movie after their last year’s mini movie, featuring themselves together with some good friends.

The list of riders includes: Joe Simpson, Jake Simpson (before the movie he had not jumped in a long time), Jacob Roberts (switch alert!), Kasper De Zoete, Sparrow Knox, Alex Stewart, Davide Boggio, Dusan Kriz, Tyler Chorlton, Clement Caspar, Marveen Valdent, Anto Brotto, Andy Nudds, Maisie Hill, Angus Leith, John Weatherly, Callum , Connor Carey.

Love for snowboarding from a casual non-formal approach that we are not always used to see. Bangers, funny manoeuvres, a lot of technical tricks and loads of fun are the final result. We already cannot wait to see what these two can come up with in the near future.

Additional filmers:  Jacob Roberts, Alex Stewart, Troy Tanner, Brad Smith, Laurent Meuzy, Kasper De Zoete, Guillaume Sturma, Pierre De Le Rue, Jamie Durham, Joseph Carr.

Is this the next «Helganson brothers» generation? Maybe.

You are welcome, enjoy this masterpiece!



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