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Stu Innes goes Just The Right Speed! Stu has written some words of his street escapades last winter. If you have met Stu please try to read it in his voice…

«Last season we were lucky! It had snowed a lot in Austria, where I live in the winter, so we got to hit up a few local spots early in the season. I then drove to Estonia In January to meet fellow Scottish shredder Andy Budge for a 6 day trip to Parnu and Tallin. The 23 hour drive from Austria to Estonia alone in a Toyota Yaris is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done! Probably shoulda listened to Dad on that one! The start of the journey went well. However, when I got to about halfway through Poland (8 hours in) it started PUUUKING.

The roads aren’t cleared that well on that part of the continent and somewhere in Lithuania. I skidded out at around 70mph on the motorway, I ended up sliding 100 plus meters backwards before skidding to a halt in the middle of the 2 carriageways. Luckily I hadn’t hit anyone so I did a quick 3 point turn and drove off. SHAKING. The roads only got worse from this point on. I was driving down a single carriageway motorway in what would have been some of the best pow I’ve ever ridden. Delivery lorries were driving past head on at 80, just centimetres from my car that was trundling along in the tracks created by the heat from the cars driving. Every few hundred kilometres I’d pass a smashed-up car that had skidded out! Through some miracle I eventually made it to Estonia safe and sound. Having spotted some amazing spots for future trips from the road side, I couldn’t wait to get shredding.

By the time I’d arrived it was getting dark already and I met up with Andy to go find our Air bnb. First, we had to facetime my Estonia homie Ken Pollu who was going to direct me to his Mother’s friends Air BnB. As soon as we settled in and had some food, we set out to the first spot Ken had GPS marked for us. We needed to build a snow drop in for this one. So you’ve probably gathered by now, this trip would not have been possible without Ken. As sad as I am that he couldn’t be there (as he had to stay and shape the park in Austria) I am sooo grateful for all the help he gave us to make our stay in Estonia so amazing. We woke up pretty late the next morning after a long trip and a lot of shovelling and headed to the spot, luckily getting our shots fairly quickly. I ended up getting a dream trick on a rail that I’d now been wanting since Ken had shown me it in one of his old edits years ago (this is actually the ender shot for my part). After a week of filming and a little bit of sight seeing in a very interesting country, me and Andy hopped on the ferry to Helsinki where I would link up with the rest of the SoapBar crew to film for the next 8 days.

Helsinki had some of the best snow it has had in years! We had a rad crew from all over the UK and a lot of us had never shredded together before, but we quickly made friends and jelled as a squad and everyone was down to help do everything they could to help each other get as many banging shots as possible. Street veteran, organiser, professional wind up merchant and general comedian John Weatherly made sure that no one took anything too serious and we all had the raddest week. We toured round a bunch of Helsinki classics whilst Craig Robinson worked his magic behind the camera snapping some amazing photos, Jamie Durham and John stacked the footy for ROCKY.

As with every season, there are shots I wish were cleaner and extra shots I wish I had…. but overall there’s a lot of footage I’m really proud of here and I had the best time filming it. Thank you to everyone involved and a special thanks to Bro! clothing and Nobaday for making the trips possible.»

🎥  : Jamie Durham, John. Weatherley, Craig Robinson, Stu Innes, Andy Budge, The Simpson Brothers

Editing: Jamie Durham



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