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“Girls Are Awesome is about pushing the idea that gender should never be a limitation. We exist to increase and redefine female representation and create opportunities for women around the globe from a range of industries and interests. Girls Are Awesome is a positive movement for women and men, about women.”

Over the past few days we’ve been able to witness and be part of the first edition of “Slay Days” presented by Girls Are Awesome at Absolut Park, Flachau. Slay Days is not a contest, it is about women riding together, supporting one another, pushing their limits and relaxing with new and old friends.



Blue skies and a bunch of motivated girls kicked started the event with the Kicker Photo Session. Beginners and pros, first-time jumpers and experience riders like Elena Koenz, Yuka Fujimore and Zoi Sadwski-Synnott enjoyed the weather and the good vibes in the morning.

After riding it’s time for a good party with new friends thanks to our also female Djs Anemone and Crystal, killing it on the decks!

At 20:00, after a well-deserved dinner, It is time for “Girls Are Talking”, presented by Henry Jackson with the 18-year-old and current Slopestyle World Champion Zoi Sadwski-Synnott, and the more experienced Olympic snowboarder Yuka Fujimore.


After a nice yoga session with Paula Viidu and a good breakfast, the girls headed up to the mountain once more. Conditions weren’t the best, but the girls were motivated for the Hike Race. Smiles and good vibes, runs with our new friends and fun games were the essence of the day.

At 16:00 we had a mini ramp skate session with live music thanks to our Djs.

At around 20:30 we wrapped up our day by watched some motivational all-female snowboarding movies: “The Uninvited” and “A Land Shaped by Women”.

Okay, maybe there is some party involved too!


Morning yoga with Paula Viidu to wake up our muscles after all the intense days of riding and partying.

Despite the fog and low visibility, the girls killed it at the Side hit session. Also the beginners could enjoy a super fun Progression Session on the flat box, coached by Elena Koenz.

At 16:30 we had the Final Hoorah Apres Jam Miniramp Session and Djs, with cold beers and frontside grinds presented by Blue Tomato.

A final after-dinner party at the hotel with all our new friends to celebrate women and the super fun week we just had.


Despite the hangovers and sore muscles, many of the girls showed up for the final yoga session with Paula Viidu. As a crew, everybody headed up to the mountain to have some final laps all together and to enjoy the super sunny day and slushy conditions.

Final hugs, high-fives and see you next year !

Thank you to the organisation, sponsors, girls and boys that show up to celebrate women and snowboarding at Absolut Park with us for the last few days.



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