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STAY BASKET – BYEN ER VÅR is a new project by Simon Houlind, a full movie filmed around the city of Oslo with his homies. Simon Houlind is a well-known European rider from Denmark; but if his name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe his dreadlocks do! His distinctive style and big bag of tricks have taken him places all along his snowboarding career from a young age. After several parts for Postland Theory, RockaRail participations and prizes, Simon saw himself without a budget or a set plan to film a streetpart in 18/19. When we heard his story we instantly wanted to promote him and give him a chance to explain his new project to the rest of the snowboarding community: a true passion project filmed hand in hand with his homies from Oslo.

Keep reading if you want to know more about Simon and his project!

Let’s break the ice with some random questions:

Pizza or pasta? Pizza

Snowboarding or skateboarding? (choose wisely!) Snowboarding hahah

Freezing cold feet or wet snowboard boots? Wet snowboard boots for sure!

Cutting your dreads or wearing skinny pants? Skinny pants so you can laugh

📸 : Sonia Ziegler

Ok, done with the bullshit! let’s get a bit more serious. How come you did not get a budget for filming a street part when you have so much experience in this?

I guess there is not much money in snowboarding and changes in a company can mess up your deals really quick. Pretty sure I’m not the first one that this happened to…

Who did you film with?

Stay Basket = My Homies I grew up snowboarding with.

What is the whole concept behind this project?

I bought myself a new camera and went back to the roots, I wanted to ride more with my good ol’ homies and not end up in debt every year, because the budget’s never reached for a year of filming. We started this crew Stay Basket, it’s been a non budget movie, doing everything as cheap and simple as possible. We just film what we feel like and have fun every second of the time doing it. No rules, no deadlines, just doing it for us and those who are down!

It’s entirely filmed in Oslo. Is it that easy to ride streets in Norway regarding spots and snow? And how is it with cops?

Yes, it’s only filmed in Oslo. I personally never had the biggest problem finding spots, there is too many to film them all… So better get at it! Snow conditions are always something you can’t predict so, when it falls you gotta go! Cops are cops, they can suck but it’s mostly the civilians that are complaining and making it hard. Guess they don’t like us having fun.

📸 : Jakub «Shymonkey» Simunek

Give us your 3 Pro Tips on “Things you should know about filming a part in Norway”.

  1. Get a camera, lamp and fisheye, then learn by using

  2. Buy a good shovel

  3. You can get to most spots in Oslo by public transportation, so no need for a car.

Top 3 things you love the most about street riding.

  1. That feeling of riding something that’s not made for it!

  2. It’s like painting, you have to make it all work together for it to become a reality.

  3. The good times with homies!

Top 3 things you hate the most about street riding

  1. Snow is so unpredictable

  2. People that don’t like you having fun

  3. Injuries

What’s your plan for the upcoming season?

Just keep filming with Stay Basket and Canary Cartel

Anything you want to add?

Go film your own snowboard movie with you friends! And film what you think is sick, not what you think other people want to see, and don’t be so serious and have fun with it!

Thank you for this interview, Simon, keep shredding and Stay Basket!

Check out the full movie here!


«This is a Non Budget Film by Homies for the love of snowboarding» The Stay Basket crew

Starring: Didric Lothe Endre Brynildsen Jessi Blackwell Simon Houlind Jakub «Shymonkey» Simunek Tobias Himmelstrup Tyler Metzger Will Smith Oivind Fykse

Filmed by: Andreas «Shred» Jacobsen Jakub «Shymonkey» Simunek Mikaela Persson Rasmus Nielsen Simon Houlind Tobias Himmelstrup Will Smith

Edited by: Simon Houlind

Additional editing: Rasmus Nielsen Tobias Himmelstrup



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