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Swatch Nines expands in 2024 with a new surf edition!

Starting in snow at Schilthorn, Switzerland before moving to dirt at the Bike Republic Sölden, Austria, Swatch Nines will tap into water with a new surf event in Waco, USA.

The year 2024 brings exciting news from Swatch Nines as the unconventional action sports series adds a new date and discipline to its event calendar. Swatch Nines Surf will make its debut in October 2024 as a double first: the first Nines surf event and the first Nines event to be held in the United States.

Over the past 16 years Swatch Nines has gained an unparalleled reputation for creating unique progression sessions and playgrounds in an uncompetitive atmosphere that allows athletes to unfold their full creative powers. In 2024, the Swatch Nines brings its formula to surfing to create a one-of-a-kind session that will stand as a friendly antagonist and antithesis to the standardized competitive side of the sport.

Here’s an overview of the expanded Swatch Nines 2024 schedule.


The original Nines event returns to Schilthorn – Piz Gloria for a second edition in the atmospheric Swiss Alps. Here beneath the towering facade of the Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch, Swatch Nines will refresh an iconic set-up last seen in 2016 that will guarantee jaw-dropping action and sky-scraping airtime.

  • Dates: 8th – 13th of April, 2024

  • Location: Schilthorn – Piz Gloria, Switzerland

  • Public Day on the 13th of April invites all to come watch the action in person

  • 4-days progression session focused on creativity and innovation

  • 50 invited snowboard & ski athletes

  • The 2024 edition marks the revival of one of the Nines’ most successful set-up — can you guess which one?

Jakub Hroneš Photo: Markus Fischer


In 2024 the mountain bike edition heads to an exciting new location: Sölden in the Austrian Alps. The Bike Republic Sölden and Green Hill Bikepark in Germany will alternate as event hosts for the next five years. The BYND Festival, which made its successful debut in 2023 at Green Hill, will migrate along with Swatch Nines to the Bike Republic Sölden, continuing a unique collaboration that blends sportive highlights with festival elements.

  • Dates: 9th – 14th of September, 2024

  • Location: Bike Republic Sölden, Austria

  • Public Day on 14th of September, in conjunction with the Bike Republic Sölden Festival BYND The Mountain (13. – 15. September)

  • BYND Festival to accompany Swatch Nines to Austria as part of a new collaboration between Green Hill Bikepark and the Bike Republic Sölden

  • Innovative course design meets a diverse international crew to continue to drive progression in the sport


After pushing the needle of progression for over a decade in snow and MTB, surf is next up in the lineup as Swatch Nines heads to Waco Surf in Texas to shake up the surf world with a progressive format that focuses on creativity and providing an alternative to traditional norms of competitive sport.

  • Dates: 15th – 17th of October 2024

  • Location: Waco Surf, Texas, USA

  • Concocted in collaboration with Coco Ho and friends

  • 3-day media event focused on creativity: a playground for a new vision of surf events

  • Unique concept blends surfing and skateboarding

  • 9-15 invited surf & skate athletes

  • Unconventional jam session format



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