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The Bombhole Episode 6 is out, and features an amazing talk with Desiree Melancon about female perspective, suicide awareness, magazine covers, life struggles, Rider of the Year award and much more.

Desiree is one of the most prolific female’s in the sport of snowboarding. Her work over the years has without a doubt helped paved the path for females coming up in snowboarding today. Not only does she snowboard at the top level but she is out producing video projects, shooting photo’s, making amazing art, and designing her pro model gear. There is nothing she is scared to take on and she will always rise to the occasion to push her limits and the sport of snowboarding for women and in general. Grendiesel and Stoney Buds have an amazing conversation about everything from women’s rights and their position in the world of sports, as well as ideas on how to push forward in today’s world. Desiree is one smart bad ass women and is not scared to say what is on her mind and we love her for that. They also break into a topic that is not touched on enough and that is mental health and suicide awareness. The more they talk about it the more we can all help each other in this crazy world we live in. Sit back and get ready for another episode of The Bomb Hole where they guys have a refreshing conversation where BudDiesel get the female perspective from a women who has so much passion for the sport and the snowboarding community. Get ready for some serious up’s and downs as this episode is an emotional roller coaster!



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