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Wabi-Sabi is a short film by Evgeny Ivanov about a long journey in search of lost beauty.

Literally «Wabi» – means a solitary life surrounded by nature, away from society.  «Sabi» means «cold.» Like Wabi Sabi, the philosophy of backcountry and Freeride snowboarding has the same spiritual values ​​where truth comes through contemplation of nature and character education.  This is a journey in search of new routes in a natural, remote natural environment.

The incredible nature of the Charyn canyon and Lake Kaindy, climbing in the wild mountains of the Kazakhstan, abandoned glacier stations, traveling along the entire Trans-Siberian Railway to the very heart of Siberia, ferries from Vladivostok in Japan, RV houses, helicopter expeditions, snowmobiles and hiking to various areas of Kamchatka’s  peninsulas and even hot air balloon flights over the Austrian Alps!  All this is a unique story that will be interesting not only to professional representatives of culture, but also to ordinary lovers who inspire extreme sports. Riders: Evgeniy Joon Ivanov, Johan Rosen, Matteus Lestage, Artem Sheldr, Maxim Ionov, Artem Teymurov, Kostya San, Artem Pichkhadze and Peter Vinokurov.



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