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Have you ever heard of the WKND events? Well, if you haven’t, you probably have been living under a rock for the last three years. The organizers of this event have teamed up with Blue Tomato to create a video and explain their story behind the scenes. This mini-documentary tells the story of how it all started, mixed together with a lot of original footage from their events. Watch it until the end and make sure you follow their social media account (@wknd_4.2) to keep yourself up to date and learn about their future events when Covid measures finally allow for more of this mayhem to happen again.

From left to right: Timo, Nick and Jacco 📸 : @jaschaphoto

In their own words:

«After organizing eight events, a whole lot of edits, downhills & crazy bails… It was about time to tell a little bit of the background story behind the WKND & Fire In The Fridge events. Back in the day, there used to be dome events every other weekend [in the Netherlands]. Now there isn’t much happening anymore, so we’re super happy to be able to contribute to the Dutch scene together with all the homies. “While we wait for” is a result of countless hours in the editing cave, a travel back and forward to the Netherlands & so much more. We are overwhelmed by all the support and hype from the scene. But also being supported by Blue Tomato makes projects like these possible.  The current situation doesn’t allow events, but one thing is for sure WE WILL BE BACK Jacco, Nick and Timo

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