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THIS IS IT | Swatch Nines 2024 The Perfect Hip

THIS IS IT | Swatch Nines 2024 The Perfect Hip

THIS IS IT! A 27-minute documentary offering an immersive experience of the Perfect Hip. The records have been smashed and tricks have been stomped. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy a deep dive into the world of this year’s Swatch Nines at Schilthorn, Switzerland! This year’s highlight edit takes a different approach to encapsulating the Swatch Nines experience. Instead of a few minutes packed with action, the 2024 recap takes a more documentary approach to show the event from several angles, from entertaining and insightful behind-the-scenes moments to the utmost peak of the action. You asked for more, so THIS IS IT! Featuring riders: Sarah Hoefflin, Megan Oldham, Anastasia Tatalina, Queralt Castellet, Brooke D’Hondt, Mia Brookes Leilani Ettel, Nico Vuignier, Max Moffat, Alex Hackel, Jesper Tjäder, Nico Porteous, Matej Svancer, Hunter Hess, Alex Hall, Kim Gubser, Jay Rawe, Thierry Wili, Lukas Müllauer, Finley Melville Ives, Vincent Veile, Fabian Bösch, Joel Liimatainen, Juho Saastamoinen, Fridtjof Tischendorf, Valentino Guseli, Chaeun Lee, Kaishu Hirano, Max Buri, Patrick Hofmann, Juho Laine, Marcus Kleveland, Oyvind Kirkhus, Simon Gschaider, Nicolas Huber & Vlad Khadrin. Filmed by: Lukas Hauser Moritz Keller Lukas König Jannis Oing Peter Kaiser Andreas Vorhofer Jonas Schnürch Imanuel Thallinger Simon Abele Fabio Sturm Nicholas Bredeston Christian Bjönnes Johann Hollmüller Julien LedermannEdited by Lukas Braune Lukas König Postproduction by Lukas Braune Lukas König Lukas Hauser RaceDrone by Vince Tonk (DutchDroneGods) Alejandro Petrakovsky (DutchDroneGods) Jannis Hoffmann GoPro Team: Sean BalmerDustin Rupp Mike Pfau Francisca Naia Gochiestrella Mirko Paolini Additional Footage by Tatsu Miyagawa Emmet lamb Miguel Porteus Toby Wilson Semmy Dueren Music in Order of appearance: Lukas Braune - Shai-Hulud Lukas Braune - Die Kiez-Klatsche Hyperdog - House on the Hill Electric Zoo - Almaz feat Lucky Brown Cristalli Liquidi - Volevi Una Hit Lukas Braune - The last Song Photography by Theo Acworth Henrieke Ibing Klaus Polzer THE NINES ► ► ► ► SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL! 00:00 - Intro 01:41 - Athlete chat with Nico 02:25 - Athlete Reactions 03:42 - First Action 04:42 - Snowboard Part 08:09 - Snowboard Women World Record 08:29 - Sit Ski Biggest Air 09:28 - Ski Part 11:37 - Downday Activities 15:11 - Ski Men World Record 17:48 - Mixed Action 22:35 - Snowboard Men World Record 24:57 - Mixed Action & Vibes 26:36 - Trains