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Høvdingen av Høgevarde (the Chief of Høgevarde) Recap

Text by Len Roald Jørgensen

Last week we (@mushroomcrew) did this event up at @Høgevarde. Høgevarde is a tiny resort with one lift and super terrain. They asked us earlier this season if we wanted to do something up there, and hell yeah we did! 8 years ago we had an event called The Mushroom Invitational (great success, google it). So, our initial thought was to do some something similar but different.

Emil (@backpackface) and I (@sirframeface) invited 20 of our friends to come dig, camp & snowboard. (20 people was the legal limit for a private outdoor gathering in Norway. Hopefully we can triple that number next year. Yes it’s all about triples in snowboarding). The two of us went up on Tuesday, rigged our camps and started scoping and digging. At the end of the week the parking lot was full of homies and the mountain was full of features and sidehits.

The competition is a loose day of boarding. At the end of the day you write down the name of whoever you thought rode best and cast it in the voting pot. Photogs and videogs votes count double.

When the votes are counted, the top 2 go into a duel. The duel consisted of Beer chugging, followed by axe throwing, straight into a snowskate race and finished of with a armwrestle and a staring contest. The winner of the votes by a landslide was @krishtlmth, 2nd place was @kristianskjomming and 3rd on the votes was yours truly @sirframeface. Krish might have dominated the snowboarding but when the duel started he didn’t stand a chance against the almighty Skjomming, who crushed him in all the events.

All Hail Chief Skjomming.

again HUGE thanks to @høgevarde and @reviroslo for everything, you guys rule.

Go board with your friends, have fun, stay wild and go all ways down possible.



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